Analysis of Functions

Part II D-course (16h) Lent 2017 & 2018

Teaching page of the course

Analysis of Partial Differential Equations

Part III and CCA graduate course: Michaelmas term 2016 (taught jointly w/ Mihalis Dafermos), Michaelmas term 2014, Michaelmas term 2013, CCA graduate course only in michaelmas term 2012

Teaching page of the course

Mathematical Topics in Kinetic Theory

Part III course: Michaelmas terms 2010 and 2011

Teaching page of the course

DoS IB & Supervisions (King’s College)

Courses supervised (depending on each year): Analysis I (IA), Analysis II (IB), Vectors and Matrices (IA), Metric and topological spaces (IA-IB), Numbers and Sets (IA), Complex Analysis (IB), Complex Methods (IB), Linear algebra (IB), Numerical Analysis (IB)

At ÉNS Paris 2009-2011

L3 (3d year) course  “Particle systems and PDEs” jointly w/ Vladimir Kazakov

At University Paris-Dauphine 2005-2009

M1 (4th year) lectures and examples classes on Équations aux dérivées partielles et modèles de Black et Scholes (jointly w/ successively B. Nazaret and I. Catto)

L1 (1st year) Bases en mathématiques

M2 (5th year) lectures on Hypocoercitivité (jointly w/ J. Dolbeaut the 2d time)

At ÉNS Lyon 2001-2005

L3 (3d year) example classes for Cours de mathématiques interdisciplinaires and for Équations aux Dérivées Partielles, Intégration et Fourier and reading group on Mécanique des fluides et équations aux dérivées partielles

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