PhD thesis

[] Sebastian Lunz (Cambridge) 2017-

[] Megan Griffin-Pickering (Cambridge) 2016-

[] Jo Evans (Cambridge) 2015-

[] Franca Hoffmann (Cambridge) 2014-2017 (co-supervision with J. A. Carrillo)

Keller-Segel-Type Models and Kinetic Equations for Interacting Particles: Long-Time Asymptotic Analysis

>> Franca is a postdoc in Caltech.

[] Ludovic Cesbron (Cambridge) 2013-2017 (co-supervision with A. Mellet)

On the derivation of non-local diffusion equations in confined spaces

>> Ludovic is a postdoc at École Polytechnique, Paris.

[] Tom Holding (Cambridge) 2013-2016 (co-supervision with J. A. Carrillo)

Asymptotic Behaviour and Derivation of Mean Field Models

>> Tom is a postdoc at Warwick.

[] Helge Dietert (Cambridge) 2013-2016 (co-supervision with A. Iserles)

Contributions to mixing and hypocoercivity in kinetic models

>> Helge is a postdoc at University Paris 7.

[] Sara Merino (Cambridge) 2011-2015 (co-supervision with J. Norris)

Contributions in fractional diffusive limit and wave turbulence in kinetic theory

>> After a postdoc at Imperial College, Sara is now lecturer in the University of Sussex.

[] Marc Briant (Cambridge) 2011-2014

On the Boltzmann equation, Quantitative studies and hydrodynamical limits

>> Marc is “maître de conférence” (tenured lecturer) at University Paris 5. 

[] Kleber Carrapatoso (Uni. Paris-Dauphine) 2010-2013 (co-supervision with S. Mischler)

Théorèmes asymptotiques pour les équations de Boltzmann et de Landau

>> Kleber is “maître de conférence” (tenured lecturer) at University of Montpellier.

[] Daniel Marahrens (Cambridge 2009-2012) (informal partial supervision, main advisors: P. Markowich, C. Sparber)

On some nonlinear partial differential equations for classical and quantum many body systems

>> Daniel is Quantitative Analyst at G-Research.

[] Thomas Rey (Uni. Lyon 1) 2009-2012 (co-supervision with F. Filbet)

Quelques contributions à l’analyse mathématique et numérique d’équations cinétiques collisionnelles

>> Thomas is “maître de conférence” (tenured lecturer) at the University of Lille 1

MPhil thesis

Davide Piazzoli (Cambridge) 2014-2017 (co-supervision with F. Bolley)

Master thesis (not included when it led to a PhD)

Milana GataricConcentration-compactness in PDEs and orbital stability of galaxy configurations

Cambridge Center for Analysis PDE assignements

Ben Jennings, Adam Kashlak, Davide Piazzoli (Cambridge, 2014): An Overview of the Cauchy Problem for the Vlasov-Poisson Equation

Alexander Bastounis, Tom Holding, Vittoria Silvestri (Cambridge, 2013): The Cauchy problem for the Boltzmann equation

Part III essays

Ruoyu Wang 2017: Around the Nash-Moser theorem

Armand Bernou 2017: Free molecular flow and boundary effects

Ricardo Grande 2015: Averaging Lemmas and the X-ray transform

Jo Evans 2013: Distributions: Topology and Sequential Compactness

Kevin Schlegel 2013: Distributions: Topology and Sequential Compactness

James Kilbane 2013: Weyl’s Theorem and constructive growth estimates on semi-groups

Helge Dietert 2012: Penrose Stability Criterion for Plasmas

Otis Chodosh 2011: Optimal Transport and Ricci Curvature: Wasserstein Space Over the Interval

Undergraduate (and “M1”) essays

Cyril Letrouit (ENS Paris) 2017: Solutions auto-similaires de l’équation de Navier-Stokes

Younes Zine (ENS Rennes) 2017: Paradoxe de Scheffer-Shnirelman et intégration convexe

Antoine Diez (ENS Rennes) 2016: Around the Boltzmann-Grad limit

Alexis Drouot & Brice Legrigno (ENS Paris) 2010: Développement de singularités dans les solutions de l’équation de Navier-Stokes

Roméo Hatchi (ENS Lyon) 2008 (co-supervised with S. Mischler): L’inégalité de Nash

Victor Lévy (ENS Lyon) 2007 (co-supervised with S. Mischler): Versions quantitatives du théorème spectral pour la fonction exponentielle

Collaborators (joint paper)

Ricardo AlonsoAnton Arnold, Céline Baranger, Jacob BedrossianThierry Bodineau, Émeric BouinMarc BriantJosé Alfredo CañizoEric Carlen, Esther Daus, Laurent DesvillettesJean DolbeaultFrancis FilbetNicolas FournierIrene Gamba, François GolseMaria Pia Gualdani, Franca HoffmannCyril ImbertAnsgar JüngelAxel KlarJoel LebowitzXuguang LuNader MasmoudiAntoine Mellet, Sara MerinoStéphane MischlerLukas NeumannLorenzo Pareschi, Thierry Paul, Thomas ReyValeria RicciEmmanuel RussChristian SchmeiserYannick SireChristof SparberRobert Strain, Alexis VasseurCédric VillaniBernt Wennberg, Nicola Zamponi