New preprint: Hölder continuity of solutions to quasilinear hypoelliptic equations (w/ C. Imbert)

We prove that L^2 weak solutions to a quasilinear hypoelliptic equations with bounded measurable coefficients are H\”older continuous. The proof relies on classical techniques developed by De Giorgi and Moser together with the averaging lemma and regularity transfers developed in kinetic theory. The latter tool is used repeatedly: first in the proof of the local gain of integrability of sub-solutions, second in proving that the gradient with respect to the speed variable is L^{2+\epsilon} _{loc}, third, in the proof of an “hypoelliptic isoperimetric De Giorgi lemma”. To get such a lemma, we develop a new method which combines the classical isoperimetric inequality on the diffusive variable with the structure of the integral curves of the first-order part of the operator. It also uses that the gradient of solutions w.r.t. v is L^{2+\epsilon} _{loc}.

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