Opening of the website of the NLAGA project

The project “Non Linear Analysis, Geometry and Applications” in West Africa will be founded by the Simons Foundation for five years. All the informations can be found here.

Here is the description of the project:

The main focus of NLAGA is to strongly contribute to the development of Non Linear Analysis, Geometry and their Applications in West Africa, by creating a community of mathematicians working on problems directly related to this field. This network aims to provide an attractive and stimulating scientific environment for graduate students in West Africa and give them the opportunity to work with high quality specialists.

In the next ten years, We plan to build a strong school in Non Linear Analysis, Geometry and their Applications by promoting interactions and collaborations with the international community of mathematicians working in fields directly related to the focus of the NLAGA project.

In addition to the real opportunity to create a West African community on Non Linear Analysis and Geometry and their Applications, our aim is to speed up the dynamic of doing high-quality research in mathematical subjects directly related to sustainable development of West Africa.

The NLAGA project has been awarded by a five year grant of the SIMONS FOUNDATION. This grant supports networks of height young mathematicians working in Sub-Saharan  Africa. The NLAGA project has been awarded among 33 others, after a competition in two rounds after which three projects were selected.

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